Cocktail Audio X 45

I apologize if I breach protocols for posting here: I’m completely new to this.

I bought a Cocktail X 45 specifically because it said it’s Roon ready. It appears, though, that it’s not a supported device. Two questions: can I use Roon with this device or have I made an expensive mistake; and if I can use Roon with it, how do I get Roon to identify the device and download the files I’ve uploaded.

Thanks for your help

Hi Ian,

You are absolutely not breaking protocol and welcome to the forum.

The Cocktail appears to be a Roon Ready, so I would expect it to work for you. You still require a computer or NAS to host your Roon Core.

Can you describe your setup? What do you use for a Roon Core? Network configuration, etc.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. I’m very nervous about not wasting anyone’s time by being an idiot! And thanks for the good news as well.

I’m still struggling with terminology, but I think my Roon Core is an old MacBook Pro. The network configuration I’m not so sure about: I fear I’ve blundered into asking questions before checking out what I should know. I do know that Roon, on the Mac, can see the Cocktail, but has only loaded music files from iTunes on my computer; I haven’t found a way to get it to see and analyze the music files on the Cocktail. I’ll look at the FAQs to see what network configuration means and see if I can better answer your questions.

Thanks again. You’ve given me hope!


Hi Ian,

Don’t worry, you’re not wasting anybody’s time. People on the Community are always happy to help as well as Roon employees (I’m not one, just a moderator) should you run into problems.

Since this isn’t support right now, I’m just going to move this thread to a Roon Software. So keep asking questions.

Reading the knowledge base is a great way to get you started. You say “old” MacBook Pro, so make sure you check out recommended specifications for your computer.

Also, since we don’t currently have a specific problem with your system, don’t worry about explaining your network.

The main thing I would research is where your music files are located. If they’re on your MacBook, Roon should see them easily. If you are loading the files to the Cocktail X45, we need to figure out how Roon would see them. I’m not familiar with the X45. Does it contain a hard drive for your music?

Roon should have asked you where your music is stored during the install process. If you skipped that, you can point Roon to the music on your MacBook in Roon under Settings > Storage.

Also, going to Settings > Audio, you should find the X45 listed under Roon Ready devices and you just need to Enable it.

Hope this helps. Feel free to report back with any questions or problems you may encounter.

Cheers, Greg

Have a look at this thread.
The cocktail acts as a file server as far as Ron is concerned so you just need to point the roon Server at it.

Thanks to you both. This has been extraordinarily helpful! It’s clear to me that my Powerbook will be sadly underpowered when I get more of my cds ripped: it’ll be about 8,000 when all’s said and done, and while I understand that Roon will consider that a mid-size collection, the threads you sent me suggest that I’m going to need more computing power. I have some time to sort that out, though. The more pressing issue is getting Roon to see what’s already been stored on the Cocktail, although I think you’ve given me the answer to that as well. I have to travel for a week or so, so I won’t be able to experiment for a while, but you’ve given me a lot to work on. Thank you for your help and being so supportive of an ignorant new user. I’m looking forward to learning more!


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