Cocktail Audio X45 Pro

Roon just released (a couple of days ago) a list of product that was just made “Roon Ready” or “Roon Tested”. The Cocktail Audio X45 Pro was one of the units shown as “Roon Ready”. How long before the Roon player recognizes it as “Roon Ready”? (It shows as “Uncertified”)

Hello @Neil_Russell,

We are working with cocktail Audio to finish up the necessary work for in-app Roon Ready identification. We hope to have this completed soon.


Does this also apply to the X14? I just installed this yesterday and it is also showing as “Uncertified.” The X14 firmware is up to date at X14-CA-1.0.0.r1441, with the RAAT SDK version showing as 1.1.32.

Hello @asindc,

Yes, the cocktail Audio X14 is also pending final assets for Roon Ready certification status.


Do you have any idea as to when this process might be finished, and the Roon software updated to show the X45 PRO as Roon Ready??

Roon shows my CA X45 as RoonReady and certified device now!
During device configuration I recognized that my X45 is shown two times, as a “Bridge-” and “Audio-device”.
I don’t understand. Maybe you can tell me what this is about and how I do a correct setup??

I forgot to give some details: I run Roon on NUCi7 using ROCK :slight_smile: