Cocktail Audio X50D + Denafrips Pontus II

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC i5, 8GB RAM

Network Details

D-Link Switch

Audio Devices

Cocktail Audio X50D as end-point, USB or i2s HDMI outputs to Pontus II

Library Size

48k tracks

Description of Issue

Playing directly from X50D to Pontus on both USB and i2s outputs, the DSD is decoded natively by Pontus.

Problem: Playing using Roon with X50D as audio device, DSD can only be decoded thru DoP. If on X50D the DSD output is set as native, Roon will convert to PCM. And, via i2s (no DSD setting available), DSD is also down-sampled to PCM.

If X50D is Roon Ready, then it is either Cocktail or Roon does not interact properly.

@VinshineAudio maybe Alvin can chime in here re the Denafrips

Hello @hk6230,

When you set the device to native DSD mode, are you able to play to the Pontus II using the X50Ds built in player or UPnP?


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Yes, and Pontus reflects with DSD signal indicator.

I think it is RAAT issue for ROON to communicate with X50D.

In fact, there’s now another issue. Via I2S HDMI connection from X50D to Pontus II, whenever a DSD song had been played, if the next song is in PCM format, X50D will not send the right PCM signal to Pontus. On Roon and X50D display, the PCM is shown playing, but Pontus still show DSD signal, and no music can be heard. I have to stop playing, wait for X50D to return to main menu, restart the song, and then a click sound is heard (switching signal mode from DSD to PCM) and music appears.

The above scenario does not happen when playing directly from X50D storage. Signal switching from DSD to PCM, no issue.

Any idea if my assumption above is correct? Is Roon/Cocktail Audio looking into it?

Hi @hk6230,

We’re going to contact Cocktail about this issue. Is the email address associated with your Roon account the best contact email address if we need to reach out?



Yes, I’m reachable at the ROON’s email address.

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It has been two months since Cocktail Audio contacted me, and till now there’s still no firm solution on the DSD out natively to Pontus via USB or i2s HDMI. It’s only via Roon playback with X50D as end-point, that DSD output can only be detected by Pontus but must use DoP and not DSD Native. If playing directly using X50D, DSD music can play as DSD natively.

I hope Roon will talk to Cocktail Audio and ensuring a full Roon Ready compatibility on this matter. Thanks.