CocktailAudio X50D with PS Audio DS DAC i2s bit perfect issues

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2019 Data Center Edition, Dual Xeon 10 core CPU (40 Logical Core), 128GB of RAM.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Cocktail Audio X50D as streamer connected to PS Audio PrefectWave DS DAC with i2s.
Cocktail set up as Native DSD and with Passthrough mode.
Using i2s connection between streamer and DAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

More than 30K tracks. And I have Qobuz subscription (Studio).

Description of Issue

My DSDs are being converted to PCM. Why?

That is a cocktail audio thing as it’s after Roon has sent it, anything after RAAT is a device thing not Roon. Perhaps driver issue with cocktail audio and PS Audio. Can you get Native DSD via its native apps?


My DAC is showing DSD 256. See

From Roon or other source?

This is from Roon

Then the issue is still with Cocltail Audio as its reporting bad info back to Roon in the signal path. Put in a support request to them as well, Roon will only shows what it info it is receiving so looks like they need to update something here. @support may be able to reach out to them as well. Likely Roon was never tested over i2s and its reporting on a different output such as spdif?

I have sent them an email. They don’t have any forum. Lets see how they response. @support may be accelerate the process as @cocktailaudio is their official partner (roon ready).


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I bet it’s the same reason as with other devices. All the outputs are active at all times and there is no way to tell which one(s) are actually used. As the legacy digital outputs don’t support native DSD (as per the manual), the device auto-converts the input to a fitting PCM signal (which is what Roon reports). The conversion is relevant for any device connected to one of the legacy digital outputs only and can be safely ignored for outputs that support the OSF signal.

Interesting observation. Lets wait for the response from them. Finger crossed.

That was my thinking , same as it is for Bluesound Node 2i when they added USB audio out, the Cambridge Audio CXN v2 when used to an external DAC. This is a big shortfall on a system that’s supposed to pride itself on transparency when it’s actually not being transparent at all.

I don’t quite get where you want to go with this?
Hardware manufacturers apparently have to report more (or some at all) information back to Roon to be certified. Thus, Roon is already more transparent than all competitors. That the information is of limited use is probably due to technical limitations on the one hand, and the fact that the entire audio industry, including content providers, is a very dense, non-transparent coterie of hypocrites with no real interest in transparency on the other.
Does a discussion about transparency really get us anywhere here?

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This is what cocktail replied. So I have to wait for them.

Dear Sir ;

1. If you go to X50D SETUP > Audio, there is ‘DSD via I2S Out’ item. Please set this item to “ON”, then DSD256 will go out as it is without any converting.
2. For your information, after setting ‘DSD via I2S’ to “ON” like above, and reset it to “OFF” again, when you try playing DSD file first, there will be no sound. But, after playing any other file like WAV or FLAC, etc first, and try playing DSD file, then sound will come out properly. This is the bug we already know. We will improve it via next firmware update.

Best Regards,
Nam Koh

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