Codecs after ROCK installation

Installed ROCK on i5 10 NUC but didn’t install codecs.

I can’t see a clear way to install the codecs to the NUC after installation.

Help please

Have you checked

Yes, that was the first thing I looked at, but as it’s already installed on the nuc and I did download the codec ready to copy and paste in, there isn’t an option I can see to perform this
Thanks for your help though

Just follow the step by step instructions? The codecs are intended to be installed by the user only AFTER you’ve installed ROCK on the NUC

I can’t find the data folder, been trying all day

That would be step 2. Did you check out the linked instructions here: If so, what part didn’t work exactly?

Still can’t find it, I’ll keep plugging away at it,I have been looking in those areas,so I am on the right path,my technical knowledge although not expert isn’t too bad,so I’m a bit disappointed not to be able to crack this, once again Thanks,I appreciate your help

Can you at least share with us exactly what you tried? Assuming you are on Windows, have you tried typing \\ROCK in Windows Explorer as the instructions specify? That should bring you exactly where the Data folder is located.

I have tried that, several times and it says

no items match your search.

Do you type it in the address bar of Windows Explorer or in the search bar? Care to share a screenshot? I would show one myself except I don’t use windows

Don’t put it in the search, put it in the box directly to the left where you have \\ROCK now, in the box that in your picture says “Search Results in Quick Access”.


Got it thanks


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Thanks guys

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