Codecs on Windows 10 N version

Roon Core Machine

CPU is dedicated PC with 16GB RAM and an Intel I5
Running Rook

Networking Gear & Setup Details

All Ethernet connetions
Router is a Silent Angel N8

Connected Audio Devices

Audio device is a PC with:
OS: Windows 10 Pro N version 21H2
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @2.33 Ghz

Number of Tracks in Library

Tracks on Lybary is less than 2000 tracks

Description of Issue

My rook rock is working perfectly with other PC and audio gear that I have in my house and the ffmpeg file is installed on the folder \ROCK\Data\Codecs and I have no issues with it.

On my Windows 10 Pro N PC, after the installation of the roon program (RoonInstaller64.exe) I am getting the message:

“Requiered Audio Codecs Missing!
Audio codecs required for importing and playing some file type are missing.
To resolve this issue or learn more visit

I’ve tryed to locate on my pc the data/codecs folder but Roon is not shatring this folder on my local machine.I’ve also unistalled and reinstalled the Audio Drivers (Realtek) but no luck. Could you help me get Roon installed on my PC?


Hi Jim_F,

I’ve alkready read the article you posted, didn’t help.

I have the codec with me, and my roon rock also has it. I just can’t find the folder location on my PC. Could you let me know where I need to place it?

My roon seems to be installed on the C Drive in the following folder:


That is not what you need. You have to install the Windows update that adds media playback capability.

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Hi Rugby,

Thanks for your help/information, I’ve now installed the media palyback package, and I am able to run Roon on my PC.

Many thanks


The N version of windows doesn’t ship with media support

For anyone else turning up here

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