Collaborations not showing up for both artists

I’ll give an example, but I’m sure this has happened to me several times, and it’s making me feel like Roon is preventing me from exploring my own music collection.

I have an album, Glass, by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

If I search for Alva Noto, click on the artist and look at the list of albums, the album is missing, not present, doesn’t exist.

If I search for Ryuichi Sakamoto, click on the artist and look at the list of albums, the album is missing, not present, doesn’t exist.

If I do either search, and don’t drill down into the artist, I can see the album just fine.

This seems like something fundamental about how collaborations should work. Is there an existing thread about this problem that I can follow to see if a solution is found?

I’m one of those who misses the file/folder view, but I’ve made my peace with Roon so long as I can find my stuff. If I can’t find it, I start to want to jack Roon in for LMS, which would be disappointing.


Did you click on the View All Albums link or just look at the Main Albums view?

Hi Tony,

Either way it does the same thing.



There are many examples over the years of this kind of issue within Roon. Even making the data explicit within your tags doesn’t necessarily solve it. Hopefully their metadata work resolves issues of this nature before I’m too old to care.

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Any day now, Evan, any day. Until then, enjoy your Chromecast.

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What makes it work for some albums and not others though? I tried to look for a collaboration in my own collection and found ‘Panthalassa: The Music of Miles Davis’ by Miles Davis/Bill Laswell. The album shows up in both artist album views, whether I search by artist or click on their names (in blue) listed in the album view.
I have other collaborations where only one of the artists is clickable (in white text not blue) on the album view. I presume this means that Roon does not have the artist in its database?

I have recently ripped all my Neil Young CDs into Roon. Search behaves as expected, returning Neil Young plus Neil Young & Crazy Horse when I search for Neil Young. It also finds only the Crazy Horse albums if I search for Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse are often listed in the Credits when they are not on the album cover.

Your guess is as good as mine. It’s all a black box where users needn’t intervene, or so it’s said.

Here’s another example, unrelated to collaboration but illustrating the same problem. Roon sees the two albums released by this artist as different artists. This despite them being tagged with same artist, performer and albumartist name.

Far as I can see it’s because one of Roon’s metadata sources has added a surname to the artist and Roon’s artist identification logic has resulted in the name sans surname being ignored for the second album.

Per Roon she’s made an appearance on her own album:


Hey @wintoid — Thanks for the report!

Just to verify, this is local media and not TIDAL content, correct?

Can you share a screenshot of what you see when you’re viewing the album?


Hi @dylan

Yes it’s local content. Did you want to see something like this:

Interesting, I don’t recall seeing any collaborations before with a ‘artist1 + artist2’ format. It is usually ‘artist1 & artist2’ or ‘artist1/artist2’ type formats.

Hey @wintoid,

Thanks for the screenshot.

After taking a closer look into this, we’ve discovered that this is partially an issue of the data we are receiving from our metadata provider. Rather than using “Artist 1” and “Artist 2”, the artist provided is “Artist 1 + Artist 2” as a group.

The good news is that there is an upcoming change to this area of the application and we have confirmed that this issue will be resolved by these changes. We don’t have an exact timeline for the release yet, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated here once more news becomes available.

Thank you!