Collaborators playlists, can i make my own or find older suggestions from Roon?

I LOVE the collaborators playlist suggestions by Roon. BUT, sometimes i see a collaborators list, and think to myself, “YES i want to listen to that this afternoon”. But then it is not there anymore, and another collaborators playlist is there.

so two questions:

  1. Can I find earlier collaborators playlist suggestions somewhere in Roon/ARC?
  2. Is there a way to make my own collaborators playlist choosing musicians/composers/producers where I want music that these made together? (that would be paradise on earth)


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On the Playlists by Roon, click the “More” button which will take you to a page with all the available playlists.

You can also, open a playlist, select all the songs and then save them as your own playlist which will not go away. I do this all the time with Daily Mixes.

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Thanks, yes i am aware of that.
What i am asking about is not that. I am referring to those special “collaborators” suggestions that Roon provide, where they present me with some of my favorite musicians and present a playlist where they collaborate.

I love that feature, and would wish that i can reproduce some of those lists when i was a day too late in listening to one of those. And would wish a search function would allow me to pick 2,3 or more musicians and find material that they have collaborated on.

Maybe i can, this is why i ask. If there is bo way i can currently do that, i will make feature request. I think this kind of feature is right down the Roon alley, as this is about using the meta data for super juicy stuff.

Are you talking about this:

Then the same applies. Open the section, select all the tracks and then add to a new playlist

This process works for most everything in Roon.

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Thanks. Yes I am talking about that - the Collaborators lists.
Thank you for showing how to save these.

But what I meant was: Is there a place in Roon where I can find these earlier Collaborators lists, if i havent saved them myself?

And secondly: Is there a way in Roon search functions, to create collaborators lists myself, using the meta-data in Roon to design my own collaborators lists? It would be a kind of smart-list i suppose, listing criteria such as 2-3 musicians that have to appear on the same songs - can I use Roon for that?


The OP knows how to do this.

What he is saying is the change rotation is much too quick on these and other playlist sections. I have often browsed through the home page, made a mental note of various playlists in various sections but was doing something else or playing something else and hadn’t the time to either play or save the playlist. Typically when I return to the collaborators page, the main artist is now collaborating with someone else and more often than not I am not interested in that collaboration. A similar thing happens with the daily mixes. I can skip through the daily mixes, make a mental note, but when I return they have changed. This is pretty much a problem with every section on that page.

Is there no history of playlists in these sections so that you can pick ones previous to the current display? That is what the OP is asking. If not he wants to raise a feature request which I for one would support.


Yes a drop down list of collaborators would be a nice addition in this instance. Perhaps set it up as a feature request?


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No there is not, as far as I know.

Again, there is not. There have been many requests for smarter lists which have included playlists and tags.

I would suggest making each their own separate Feature Suggestions and posting a reference link(s) here, so that those following this discussion can vote if/when you create the suggestions.

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thanks so much @Rugby and @Sloop_John_B !
Yes will set up feature requests!

and thanks @Tony_Casey !

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