Collection album shows up as lots of little mini albums

I have a rip of “Best Loved Christmas Carols” by the King’s College Choir, Cambridge. I ripped it via XLD, and I have XLD setup to use //[tracks] if the genre is choral, classical, etc.

Almost every track on this album is a separate composer, so I have things like:

When I put this in the library, Roon split these up as separate albums (all with the correct artwork, etc), but didn’t “recognize” them as part of one album. This means I have about 25 copies of this album each with a few tracks.

Is there a way to tell Roon to take collections like this and aggregate them as a single album? I have a similar problem with a collection of 10 disks “The Minnesota Orchestra at 100” retrospective.

Hi @Christopher_Liljenst,

Take a look at this article for best practices for box sets.

Thank’s Dylan - that works for the Minnesota Orchestra at 100 set, but doesn’t address the single CD’s with different composers. Is there anything I can do WITHIN roon to coalesce the different ‘mini’ albums into one? My only other option is to use various artists, or have performance groups replace the composer as “artist” - neither of which is very meaningful in the underlying library.

Hi @Christopher_Liljenst,

You can definitely merge them in Roon — Check out these articles and let me know if that helps: