Collections importing duplicate album in my library

I just signed up for TIDAL and really like the integration with Roon, but is there a way when you select Collections in TIDAL and click on a few genres to import some classic albums, should it not first scan your library to see what you already have and ignore them, that way maybe it can delve deeper into albums I don’t already own? Because I selected the “Alternative” and “Classic Rock” checkboxes and it imported about 90-95% of the albums that I already own and was kinda a pain before I found out how to delete them.

Also could it be possible to only show in the TIDAL section of an artist to only show the albums that aren’t in ones library. For example I own all the albums by the artist “High on Fire” except one, in my view that is the only album that should show up in the TIDAL section, not duplicating every album.

I hope my thoughts were clear, let me know if I made sense or not.

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This is driving my crazy, as well. There are a pile of Roon-added albums in my TIDAL list that I already have in my collection. How can I remove the duplicates?


Any news on this? I tried to hide the TIDAL versions of albums already in may database, but to no effect.