Combine local and Tidal album

I’ve bought and imported the Album Swamlife from Delvoid. Being a Tidal user, Roon suggest me new releases on the overview page, which is great. But now it presents me this album which I already own. The metadata is nearly identical, but Roon thinks of two different albums. As I remember right, I could manually combine two albums to be different versions of one release. However in this case, the Edit function is missing when I select both albums. Is it a bug or has Roon disabled this feature? I already have many albums where Tidal and local versions are mixed together.

Well, you have to have both versions IN your library before you can edit them. Did you add the Tidal version to your library?

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Uhh, thanks. That was easy. Maybe you should give hints in the interface to go this way. Instead of removing the Edit menu item it could be replaced with “add missing albums to library”. I use Tidal only to discover new albums and to listen to stuff I don’t own. I don’t want to manage a second library. :wink: But as I live in Roon, it doesn’t really matter how to avoid duplicates. :smiley:

Well, I am not a Roon employee just a fellow user, so, I don’t have any influence on the interface. But, glad to have been of some help. :smiley: