Combine WMO label entries

Please note that both the WMO and WMO Netherlands labels should be merged under the former. No clues on “Netherlands” came to pass. BTW, WMO stood for Wire Mail Order.

Hello, is there a response to this? thank you

You can do it in your album editor in Roon, under the “label” option: just write WMO and uncheck WMO Netherlands!

Hi @Charles_Snider,

Currently, labels in Roon are text strings that can stem from a variety of sources and, unfortunately, labels are often not treated consistently from these sources (often times even from the labels themselves). Right now the labels data is provided “as is”. In the future we would love to give labels the same first-class treatment much other data in Roon receives, but we don’t have any specific timelines we can provide for this.

Also see this thread for editing multiple albums at once and it works.

I had saved a bookmark for my Bach Signum organ series but when I used it tonight it failed to show any albums. I found out that Roon had changed the label metadata.

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It would be nice if you could please pass this information on anyway.