Combined server/player options?

The Wyred4Sound MS is the only thing I’ve seen that combines Roon Core and Endpoint in one box. No separate computer needed.

I just want one box with Ethernet in, and SPDIF out (I have active speakers with built in DAC). It needs to run Roon and Spotify Connect.

I’ve done a lot of digging and can’t find any other options.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

You could open up your choices by including devices that use USB out versus SPDIF. Using an adapter/converter like this you could put SPDIF back in play. For example, a Sonore UltraRendu and Sonore Ultradigital would offer ethernet input, and SPDIF output via the Ultradigital. The Ultradigital also offers I2s as an output. Straight SPDIF converters can be had for less than the Ultradigital.

Then I need a computer, the UltraRendu, the converter, and good interconnects and power supplies for all of them. Also, converters add noise.

I’m looking for a single box solution, The Wyred box will do it, but it’s expensive so I’m looking for other options.

Single box solution W4S MS fits the bill.