Combining Artists

I can’t figure out how to combine artists in the artist view of the library. For example, I have a bunch of albums that came up at Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers as the artist and a bunch of the others as Tom Petty. There are some albums that are under both artist names. Same for Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, etc. How do I combine the artists so that all the albums end up under one?

*has to be done on a computer *I believe. may not be available on mobile/tablet interfaces.

Go to the Artist view.

Select the two artists and you will see an option in the right top corner to merge

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It’s suppose to work on tablets as well (I’ve done it on an iPad mini),

you are correct; just tried it :slight_smile:

I’ve done this but I have found a problem. If you merge Tom Petty with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers under the name Tom Petty, that applies to you current content, but it doesn’t create an alias. (I know Roon has a capability for aliasing but I haven’t found a way to edit or manage this.) So all will look good, but the next time an album with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers comes in, it will stay as such and not be merged, you’ll have to merge again.

I hope somebody can explain that I’m wrong.

A couple of things I’ve found:

Have to watch & and “and” and “the” etc. Especially with tidal. Sometimes it’s just easier to edit a single album vs trying to merge and merge and merge.

To be 100% clean I go in and edit the primary artist tags manually. Deleting the “offending” ones and adding the artist i want them to show up under.

Sometimes despite doing everything “right” roon just refuses to cooperate lol. I have a outstanding ticket on my gremlin-esque Prince issue. Down to only three entries which is progress i guess.

This worked great for my library. Is there a way to do the same for an Artist that has variations on the way their name comes up on Tidal via Roon?

I don’t think so, but thought to ask.