Combining tracks into an album

I’m using Roon 1.8 on an iMac.
I put four music tracks into a folder on a drive that Roon scans. The tracks show up in Roon named after their file names and in an album that with the folder name. So far so good. Now I add two more tracks to that folder. They show up in Roon in a separate but identically named album.
How do I combine these two identically named albums into one that has all of the tracks? I find the album and track edit sections pretty confusing for this!

You need to album tag to these files. The easiest way to to do it is by using app like Mp3tag

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Simplest way is to merge them in Roon. Get to place where both albums are displayed. Do a long select (hold the mouse down for a couple of seconds) on each album until both are selected. Then go to 3 dots in the upper menu bar and click and select edit. Then select merge albums. You then have to make sure the tracks are ordered correctly either through a manual process of moving tracks around or let roon try to do it automatically (but will probably get it wrong and then you’ll have to fix manually). Try it, not that hard.

This worked. I didn’t know about the long click. Thanks!