(Come up and see me) Make me smile

Whilst building a few playlists for summer, I was looking back at the summer 7" vinyl singles charts from the late '70s. There were some amazing hits, and some hits that just make you laugh out loud.
‘The Crunch’ by The Rah Band is just pure fun, and such a fantastic glitter stomp, you can hear its influence on later music, from Goldfrapp’s ‘Strict Machine’ to Gorillaz.
This the music of recovery and hope; utter nonsense, and completely perfect. We need more of this.

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It’s on Tidal. And playing now here. Yep, quite fun, certaily evocative of the era. Says my dad :slight_smile:

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Showing that early '80s use of synthesisers can make The Rah Band sound like the Vienna Philharmonic, The Human League may have reached the veritable peak of fun on the Holiday '80 EP, with this cover:
Rock ‘N’ Roll/Nightclubbing

Now found on Travelogue (track 13)

Great YouTube video too, showing the Oakey hairstyle at its peak.