Come work at Roon Labs! [Senior developer role - HIRED!]

We’re hiring!

If you think you might qualify, please come talk to us! If you know anyone, please pass this on.

We have big plans and need people to help us get there!

There are a few more roles related to development and support that we need to hire for as well, but haven’t added to the site yet.


You should add the working location to the job offer :slight_smile:

@AE67 it’s in the post:

We have a long history of working remotely, with a team distributed across three contents and no central office. This isn’t for everyone, but we love the flexibility and lifestyle that it enables. We don’t care where you are, what time zone you’re in, or if you need to split up your work hours in a non-standard way.

Wow! That was fast… we got a flurry of interviews done quickly, and ended up hiring from within the community! This person will start at the end of the month, and I’m sure we will announce it when it happens…

For now, I’ve updated the site to have additional position available!