Comedy Genres: what funny metadata has Roon suggested for your music?

Generally I am really impressed with Roon’s metadata. I’ve read here that some folks are having trouble and no doubt it will take some time to iron out creases and omissions in the database. However, some of Roon’s labelling did make me giggle…

So, in an effort to raise a communal smile (this is not a post for moaning and groaning) please share any odd misappropriations you may have stumbled across. Maybe it will help the Roon team patch them up.

Here’s my starter to ten. Caveat: these sample tracks are not demonstrative of my overall taste in music :wink:

  • Apparently the BeeGee’s disco stomper ‘You Should Be Dancing’ is a fine example of Baroque Pop.

  • Both Soul II Soul legend Jazzie B and RnB/Soul singer Beverly Knight are popular House music artists. (I know their tracks have been remixed, but those tracks aren’t in my collection and aren’t really what define them as artists).

  • Can we really claim Prince’s cannon and Michael Jackson’s Bad & Thriller albums are Motown classics?

  • 80s popstrels Howard Jones and Thompson Twins are the new bastions of the Punk/New Wave movement.

  • Shoegazers RIDE have an EP called ‘Play’ in my collection. Roon thinks it’s Jethro Tull’s ‘Peel Session’.

What have you found?

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Meat Loaf was classified under the “Classical” genre … more accurately it would belong to “Teen Rock Opera” but that would be a rather limited category.

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Actually, Meat Loaf being listed as Classical may be accurate if determined by composer (I believe Jim Steinman who composed most of the Bat Out Of Hell albums is a classically trained pianist).

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Heehee. That’s a good find. :slight_smile:

For me, the picture for the Classical genre is of Paul McCartney.
And as @mike suggested I add here, on the Michael Jackson artist page it says “aka Paul McCartney” :smile:

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Apparently Ecce Cor Meum is his 4th classical album!

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Paul McC’s Classical projects are a great example of why some of the auto genre playlists should be track-based, rather than artist-genre-based. You don’t want Spies Like Us to crop up in the middle of a Classical selection.

Ditto Meatloaf’s Bat Outta Hell @Duke

If genres (and sub genres) were aligned more specifically with tracks or albums, rather than artists, it would give us much more accurate identification and avoid hiccups over remixes / side projects / quirky B-sides.

Grateful Dead aka Hot Tuna (!?!)

Phish aka Trey Anastasio (wonder how the other three members would feel about that, haha)

I am half laughing, half crying as I add these to our bug tracker.

Thanks guys!