"Coming up" display doesn't show favorite status

Would it be possible to display the heart if the upcoming song is favorited?

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Hi @Morbeas,
Pressing those thumbs icons is instructing Roon … to place the track in the queue (or not), it also helps to tailor the radio selection going forwards, but this not the same a favoriting a track.

EDIT: I re-read your post … I understand now … ignore above … sounds like a good idea to me.

My apologies, my initial post wasn’t very clear. I just want to know if the upcoming song has been previously favorited. If you look at my screenshot above, I think there’s plenty of space between the album name and the thumbs up button. Heck, maybe even a tiny red heart above the song name, though that might look a bit cluttered I guess.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to know if a favorite is picked to play next, as that would give me more of an incentive to hit the thumbs up button.


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They should also show the favorite heart in the main task bar. It used to be there. To many times I am setting up a que and want to favorite the current song playing. I can’t do that unless I go to the album or que screen.

Also why did time remaining drop off the roon radio screen? It used to be there, now that spot looks empty.

+1 FTW


This, too.