Community Forum having performance issues?

Is it just me (here in the NL), but are others also experiencing performance issues with the Community forums at the moment?

I’m getting slow loading of threads, often with a “Try Again” message after complete failures to open topics. And I can’t upload images to the site at the moment either…

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Same problems here

Getting too popular? What are the numbers like?

Same problem in Belgium. Slow and occasionally

Yep - Same here …

Oh well - guess I’ll just crank it up…:sunglasses:


Ditto, since ~ 18:00 BST

Slow here in the UK also

I see same, it’s been slow for a few hours now … tagging @support … note issue is from both sides of the pond.

It just happened to me in Los Angeles.

same here in midwest USA…

Yes, it’s happening to me as well.

I was having some issues maybe 8-9 hours ago but went to bed…maybe its all sorted now