Community Forum having performance issues?

(Geoff Coupe) #1

Is it just me (here in the NL), but are others also experiencing performance issues with the Community forums at the moment?

I’m getting slow loading of threads, often with a “Try Again” message after complete failures to open topics. And I can’t upload images to the site at the moment either…

(Dick Vliek) #2

Same problems here

(Henry) #3

Getting too popular? What are the numbers like?

(Wim) #4

Same problem in Belgium. Slow and occasionally


Yep - Same here …

Oh well - guess I’ll just crank it up…:sunglasses:


(Martin Webster) #6

Ditto, since ~ 18:00 BST

(Chris ) #7

Slow here in the UK also


I see same, it’s been slow for a few hours now … tagging @support … note issue is from both sides of the pond.


It just happened to me in Los Angeles.

(bearFNF) #11

same here in midwest USA…

(Alex) #12

Yes, it’s happening to me as well.

(Mr Fix It ) #13

I was having some issues maybe 8-9 hours ago but went to bed…maybe its all sorted now