Community login issue

This is a strange issue I’ve never had before and don’t know where the problem is. I use Firefox as my default browser on Windows 10 Laptop. Firefox Release 80.0.01 September 1, 2020.

It has been working fine and I could login as of yesterday. This morning the Roon login screen comes up, enter email and psw, then nothing happens. No response. Other logins with Firefox are working, but not with Roon.

I’m currently logged in with the Edge browser and that seems to be working fine.

Any Ideas?

I came across this last night and solved it this morning.

The problem is in the new “Enhanced tracking protection” in Firefox. Turn it off for the login site only - click on the little blue shield next to the lock icon on the url bar.

This is in the #support category so Roon will note this.

Not really a fix.

I can’t get on using Forefox, Edge, or Internet Explorer under WIN10.

Safari on macOS and Firefox on iOS is Ok…

Roon dropped the ball on some web site certificate (again).

Not an issue here in the NL - accessing the Community site using Edge from multiple Win10 devices and Android…

This is was what I figured out also as the cure. If additional in-browser firewalls, script-blockers, blocking proxies, etc. are in use, more actions might be needed to get the login process working again (hint: don’t block google sites).

Note: People who still see the old login page might not notice any problem at all – until the cached site times out and the actual one gets loaded instead.

Trouble here as well. Problems with the site certificate and accessing community through the Roon program. Only way I can get to the community forum is to comment community.roonlabs in the browser. This is a recent problem. Only a few days. Affected iMac desktop and iPads. Roon program works fine,

Hmm, stranger and stranger.

macOS and iOS browsers are the only ones that work for me.

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Sorry, not a cure,

A temporary work around.

Definitely a cure because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this here.

Only time will tell …

What problems? My certificate policy in Firefox is even more strict as the standard settings and I don’t get any warnings or problems.

When one has to turn off some option meant to provide some measure of safety/privacy in order for a web site to work - that’s a problem that needs a permanent cure.

Not just Firefox.

Not just WIN10.

Everything was good last night, this morning not so much.

No argument, just saying…

Time I took a break anyway. :no_mouth:

I have no idea why the issues with the site certificate are suddenly popping up. Forum was working fine until a few days ago.

As it seems that your problem affects Win10 only, the Mac devices seem to work, some now/currently essential sites might be blocked in the hosts file – manually through the user/admin or automatically through some (dubious?) all-in-one anti-virus, malware, mail, web, anything protection software. You should check that.

PS: Yes, it would be nice when the privacy protection could be activated again and the login would still work. +1 vote for that.

Only thing I can see is that there is now a new certificate (issued 2020-09-03) for Maybe your browser is still caching the old one which might be invalid by now? Can your browser not be more specific about the issue(s)?

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I’ll take a look at that later. About #42 on my things to do.

Appreciate the info…

This is what I get when I tap on community from the Roon program. @support

My Firefox and Chrome is working ok. Updated Windows 10 last weekend but have not updated Firefox nor Chrome lately.


Do you mean by that, that Roon uses advanced tracking and new Firefox detects it?
What do you think - why is Roon doing this?

Hi everyone,

We’ve seen reports that users with stricter security settings than the default on Firefox are having issues with logging in. Placing an exception for Roon should resolve this. We are continuing to investigate this, so if you’re seeing that this doesn’t help please let us know. Thanks!

That works for me Roon v1.7 (Build 610) Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit) running on Linux (with or without the aforementioned fix in place).

I think they used tools like Google Analytics and the such already before the new website design – but now they enforce its usage. Means that while (advanced) users could opt-out by the use of privacy protection plugins and so on, now, while more and more browser implement/activate privacy/tracking protection by default, they declared the use of some services mandatory in the website’s code.

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