Community login page not loading in MS Edge, but does in Chrome

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**Description Of Issue
I only get a black window when trying to log in to Community via Edge browser. Can you fix?

Hi @David_Bollinger and welcome to the Roon forum.

I’ve just tried this from Edge on a Windows VM and it worked fine. It’s likely to be a local problem and the best place to start might be to clear the browser cache for the Roon community site:

Thanks, dozer, but it’s not working. I cleared the cache etc.

Hey @David_Bollinger,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Chrome has proved to perform very well with our community. Have you tried a private window in Edge?

Also, apologies for the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face: and in wishing you a warm welcome on our community :slight_smile:

Hey Rebeka,

Thanks for the response and your nice welcome!
I’m using an MS Edge InPrivate window now, so yes, it’s a solution.
I am very impressed with Roon, especially the scrolling song lyrics. It makes the listening experience more intimate.
Also, the radio function is super-helpful since I’ve been turned on to many cool artists via BBC Radio 6Music in the past.
In late February I bought a package from your partners, Small Green Computer / Sonore, the Roon-ready SGC Sonictransporter and Sonore Microrendu. After my 60-day Roon trial from SGC ends at the end of this month I have indicated that I will pay for the lifetime sub.
I linked my Qobuz sub to Roon so I am set to rock.