Community network within the Roon software

Here’s an idea guys. Since Roon knows which albums a user has, through matching with its database - why not add the ability to link users within Roon? For example, it would be great if on an album page, I could click a button to show all the other registered users who also have that album in their Roon - and then send them a message or something about the album. This would really open up things in a good way!

That is very likely to be illegal in many countries. Safe harbour data law etc. You cannot access data about me without my explicit permission.

If you are interested in what other Roon users listen to then you can join the group. Permission is given by joining the group.

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Maybe in a year or so, once the community is a lot bigger, we can start adding the many social features we had in mind. It’s a way off though.

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this was a feature of the initial “Music Blog” version of Mog.


Anny progress on this ?
Maybe like add a friend ? (Using is registered email or nickname)

Or just share a clickable link similar to this example :slight_smile:

Should be easy, as long as the link refer to tidal, or ?