Community recommended Albums

Hello fellow Roon users,

If possible, I would value seeing what the community of Roon users would vote as their favorite selections for albums. The Popular tab is undefined or at least I can’t find where the data is being pulled from anywhere. I am imagining the feature could be facilitated by tallying votes from a checkbox on the album page. And adding a tab on the Artist page and calling it something like, Community.

Just a thought,
-David Albers

Good ideal ! I am also very interested in this

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It is my understanding that Valence populates this information.

Granular popularity

Valence produces internal popularity “charts” at all levels: artist, album, track, and composition. It also generates several more specific charts per genre, and a series dedicated to classical.

@Martin_Webster Thank you very much for the link on Valence. I was previously unaware it its capabilities. I scanned the article and there are several mentions of expert recommendations, but nothing specific. I would love to see Community recommendations specifically if Roon isn’t already doing that. Maybe even have a menu option on the left that would take the user to a page with albums by genre that have reached a certain threshold.

Just a thought,
-David Albers

@Goran_Tingstrom Occasionally I have good ideas. :grin: