Community Remote, first native Linux GUI for Roon, also on Raspberry Pi

I guess they would be RAAT. They are both USB devices connected directly to the RoonServer. They are labeled Hint6 and Mastersound. That’s the issue. They show up as an available group on my Windows desktop Roon Remote and on my ios Roon Remote but not in Community Remote. I created the group on my mobile client, if that makes any difference.

Based on the log file I’d expect a MasterSound zone in the zone list. HINT6 is marked as an output, but that output is not included in any of the available zones. If MasterSound is not in the (scrollable) zone list, does this change if you ungroup?

Maybe you can share some screenshots showing difference between Roon Remote and Community Remote. There seems to be something special with these devices.

Bonehead move on my part. The group is working. It wasn’t showing up because the HINT6 amp was powered down. When I turned it on, the group showed up and worked as expected. Sorry about that!! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy using this remote.

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This will be included in the next release:


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Just installed and works. Very nicely done! Much, much appreciated.

Installed on a Thinkpad T460s running Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon

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