Community Website Issues?

Has the Community website been experiencing issues the past couple of days? Yesterday and today I had “Bad Gateway” and HTTP 500 error messages for several hours…

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I too found it unresponsive with just a blank page at around 0700UTC I think it was. was hoping it wasn’t under attack or taken down due to the recent hacking storms that seem to be in the news of late.

For a while I was wondering what I would do with myself so decided to go to a clients and do some work…such is life. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been encrypting the gateway and scolding it for being Bad. If it happens again send me $300 in bitcoins and I’ll pat it on the head and tell it it’s a Good Gateway after all.


yep. Bad Gateway. Thought it was ios 11 …

300btc through a bad gateway.

Tried several times to log in to the community last night, no luck. Figured it was tied to some of the Europe internet issues currently going on. No issue using Roon for music though

Same here. Found it a bit unresponsive a few times over the last couple weeks.
But never fully unreachable like today/yesterday.

like 3 issues all compounded… fixed up.

@danny seems to be getting slower and slower to load up pages here with the spinning circle on for 7-10 second somethimes. I am not seeing this on other websites. Even the discourse web site community is much faster.

Snappy… like a clam here. Have you tried clearing out your browser cache, cookies etc.?

I’m getting this on multiple platforms. And while on different networks, home, mobile too. Maybe I will do some trace routes.

Not sure is it’s externally hosted from rooms other Ip based access

strange… ive not seen that at all…