Compare of different Raspberry Pi solution?

I am running my core on a NUC, files in a NAS, I have my own DAC and now wants to bult a Rasoberry Pi as a output, connecting to my DAC by USB.

Is there any comparision of different available solution? Pro & Con? Or is there any article available online in this topic.

Just to name a few, as I learnt here: RoPieee, DietPi, or just install the Roon Bridge Linux to Pi?


What connections does your DAC have?

USB directly off the RPi is generally described as ‘noisy’, so most people looking for better sound quality use one of the HAT boards.

Two popular HAT boards that provide a digital signal to a DAC: the Hifiberry Digi+ and the Allo DigiOne. Both have digital coax connections and the Digi+ also has an optical connection. Neither has USB.

Popular software choices are either Ropieee or DietPi. Both allow you to easily use the RPi/HAT as a Roon endpoint, controlled by your phone/tablet/laptop.

Personally, I have several RPi endpoints, all running Ropieee. I have not used DietPi, so can’t comment on the differences. Ropieee has been very easy to install and very stable.

We have two of these endpoints feeding DAC’s, one is a DigiOne, and one a Digi+. Both work well, but I would give a slight advantage to the DigiOne from a sound perspective.


Currently use PS Audio Direct Stream then connect to a McIntosh C2600. Or if not using PS audio, McIntosh C2600 also have a built in DAC.

I just guess these HIFi standard DAC may perform better than those HAT, but if you said it 8s good then worth a trial.

If you’re happy to try something that doesn’t use a Raspberry Pi, I can highly recommend the Allo USBridge to feed your PSA DS DAC via USB.

There’s a big thread if you wanted to ask any more questions also:

Allo USBridge board

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I would second Sean’s suggestion. The Sparky is well made and the USBridge HAT is specifically designed for USB DAC connection. It would be a great place to start because it would be a complete solution.


I run two Pi’s directly off their USB ports, not hats. My DACs have XCOM USB inputs which filter out all the crud. I’ve tried hats and external power supplies with no noticeable differences.

As to the software, Linux is Linux, just the ease of use changes. I use DietPi on my Pis and stock Debian on my server. If you don’t know Linux DietPi is good as is RoPieee.


I too use the USB port of a Pi directly to the DACS of the active Kii Three speakers. Never noticed any noise. Superb sound and virtually empty audio rack…

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