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I am looking for a good DAC. NUPRIME Evolution DAC is compatible with ROON?. Has anyone tested? Maybe some other suggestions ?


Hi Max and welcome!

You can find a hardware list here, even if it’s not 100% in sync with whats actually tested.

I’m sure NuPrime will do just fine also, but it’s not as much the DAC as it is what you are using as a Roon Bridge.

Are you planning on connecting the DAC directly to the Roon Server, perhaps on a PC/Mac?

I’m not given to brand loyalty but am a big fan of Chord’s DAC range and own a couple myself. Might not be to your taste but I’m a very happy camper…

2nd the Chord range. I have the mojo, very natural timbre of instruments.

Thanks for the answers. I’m thinking about two solutions. first roon core directly to DAC (I have not chosen yet). second roon core directly to Linn Select. Roon core installed on NUC (Intel NUC Hades Canyon BOXNUC8I7C7K2 - Intel Core i7 8809G / 32 GB / 1000 GB / AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH)

Not sure what a Linn Select is, but i assume it has got a DAC?
(Nevermind, looked it up. It is Roon Ready so you’ll connect it over Ethernet, good choice)

The Roon Core you have your sights set on will be totally overkill for a ROCK-box. You can easily do with a normal NUC8i7 unless you are planning simultaneous upsampling to DSD512 to more than two zones at a time. And if you do, the Hades Canyon NUC wont cut it either…

The Linn Selekt isn’t Roon Ready. It’s just classified as a Roon Tested DAC.

I know I’ve overdone the NUC choice, but I do not know what roon plans for. I would like to be able to use VST plugins in DSP. and now we are talking about what you think about HoloAudio Spring “Kitsuné Tuned Edition” Level 3 D / A processor Read more até-tuned-edition-level-3-da-processor#ylucubkqoqh3PykL.99

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Okey, i read the What Hifi-review where they claimed that. :frowning:

No, neither do i. And that might be sound thinking (pun included, free of charge! :wink: ) to aim higher. I still think you pay more for less regarding the Hades NUC, but thats me. :slight_smile:

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