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When will Roon work with Rose RS 130?

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According to the HiFi Rose website, the RS130 is “in the process of becoming Roon Ready certified.”

However, Roon does not comment on specific certification questions.

If you purchased on the promise of certification, I’m afraid you’ll have to take that up with your retailer.

This is probably not what you want to hear, but this is the reality of the situation.

I know that announcement about “being in the process”.
I haven’t bought this item yet and I won’t before it is compatible with Roon.
I was wondering when it will happen.

The Roon Partners page for HiFi Rose will be updated when the device is certified. Roon will not comment on specific certification questions.

Roon is punishing HIFI Rose for advertising that this item was certified prior to receiving the actual certification, I know this for fact from insiders.

Roon has a history of this, if you’ve read enough threads you can see the owner of the company participating in it as well…

What’s also important here is that the tech that needs to be certified is all comprised of existing platforms and software that has already been certified on other devices, and even other companies.

What they (Roon) fail to see is that they are just punishing their own subscribers as well, creating a no win situation for all, especially the end users who spend money to support both companies and products (in this case Roon and HiFi Rose.

I actually have no beef in this, but …

… what you seem failing to see is that in the more distant past Roon had tons of support requests and infuriated customers due to malfunctioning devices from manufacturers selling unfinished Roon ready devices, that incorporated their SDK.

At a certain point, they took measures to block unfinished Roon ready devices.

Roon charges no fees for the SDK and certification process, but obviously is as understaffed as with support, so progress is pathologically slow.


Thank you for explanation, I didn’t know that.
What is important for me, as a Roon subsriber, that I don’t care about their need for punishment.
Hope they will end this process soon.

I’d agree with you if this wasn’t a highly successful company with many SKUs certified via Roon, on the same primitive android platform. We’re not dealing with some new tech that needs a lengthy amount of scrutiny.

Roon has been in position of test units for several months as well.

Yeah sure, you’re free to think whatever you want.

But don’t spread unsubstantiated anecdotal insider knowledge to stir emotions, please!

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