Compatibility with Soulution 541

Hello Roon Team!

I have a client who has a Solution 541 SACD-Player with a upgraded network interface card which handles the streaming. I wanted to find out if Roon can be just the interface and control UPNP devices. Currently, he is able to use a software such as Linn’s Kinsky or PlugPlayer to control and build his playlists. Assuming that I load Roon onto the Macbook Air, can he use the software to control this UPNP device? Thanks!


I just read a great post in this forum about the problems with UPNP. I would like to rephrase my question and find out if Roon is pursuing any specific protocol that would allow Roon to be just the interface. My goal is to continue to use an internal DAC by a manufacture such as Soulution (and many others) to play music from a NAS server. Is this possible? I don’t have a problem using a Macbook Air as the server or brain. Thanks!

Well, not quite the way you want. Roon Core is a server software and it can be attached to the Solution 541 via USB or S/PDIF. But, the music will stream from the NAS to the Roon Core machine first and then be sent to the Solution 541 via USB or S/PDIF. The Solution 541’s network card would not be used. If at somepoint in the future, Roon and Solutions work together to allow Roon to control the Solution 541 as and endpoint then, yes, Roon could send the stream via Ethernet to the NIC.

There are only two network devices currently directly supported by Roon, Meridian and Apple TV. Hopefully there are many more coming. Some of us have fingers crossed for Squeezebox integration.