Compatible touchscreen or screen for Ropieee with Raspberry Pi 4?

I search a Ropieee compatible touchscreen (or mere screen) for a Raspberry pi 4 (not 3). The official 7" display is not compatible Raspi4, if I make no error. Is such a screen exists ? Or is there a mean to adapt official 7" display to Raspi 4 ? Thank you in advance for your insights.

I’m using the adafruit 7" with my rpi4 no issues at all and ropieee.
I wasn’t aware there were rpi compatible OS’s it didn’t work with.
ropieee even flips the screen for me.

Complete tutorial here -

Thank you very much. I was misleaded by Audiophonic site about screen combatibility with Raspi4. All the best. It really the only screen to be compatible with Ropieee ?

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I do not know if it is the only one compatible. I know it works. The author of ropieee is active on forums here. Hopefully they can chime in definitively for you. I’m just awful with names. Apologies.

@spockfish is the author of ropieee.

LOL I just got two RPi 4s to replace my RPi2 and RPI3b and realized that I need new cases for the one with a display…let the search begin.

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I use the official 7" screen with the pi4. Everything works without any problems