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Windows 10 Pro, v1090 / Roon, v1.7 (build 537)

Description Of Issue
I have over 100 compilation albums set to use “Various Artist” as the name for compilation sorting in settings-general.

For 15 of those albums, an artist populates in the artist display view. If possible, I prefer these 15 artists to not show in the artist display view.

The albums that these artists are associated to are set as compilations in the album editor. Currently, I have the artist editor name set as Various Artists & sorted as Various Artists, so the 15 artists I prefer not shown are at least displayed together.

A work around for what I’m looking for it to merge the 15 artists into 1, so that 1 artists shows in this area instead of 15 artists.

Is there another way to remove or hide these artists, that I’m missing? Thank you.


May I suggest updating the album artist file tag these to be “Various Artists” (ie plural) as this is what Roon is expecting to see when multiple artists are attributed to an album.

Then once updated, force Roon to re-identity the affected albums and then revisit how they are displayed.

You could try this on a sample of files to start with, but using a good file tag editor (like dBpowerAmp) should enable this to be done on bulk.

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Hi Carl,

All of my artist are now displaying as I prefer. I believe it was a combination of duplicate fields (for example Album Artist = The Allman Brothers; Alman Brothers, The) which were hidden in file-properties-details & also by just unchecking the primary artist link flag within the album associated with the artists I wished to not show. I was able to see these duplicate fields with dBpowerAmp. Thank you for your help & for the dBpowerAmp suggestion. Roon is awesome!


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