Compilation / playlist support

There are a few threads on this topic, but none seems to answer my question.

I have a a few folder, in which I include home-made compilations (e.g., my favorite songs of 2020). Each folder has its own home-made “compilations”.

When importing these folders, I have a few problems: (1) Roon does not show this folder as one album, but disaggregates it into many albums, (2) The albums are obviously all incomplete (one song per album), so there are a bunch of artists and albums added that clutter my artist and album view.

Is there any way what I can do within Roon in settings or tagging these files to get to a different result?


I don’t know of anything in Roon that would do this, but it should be relatively easy to do it with something like mp3tag. I have a similar problem in that I have a number of tracks of 1920s jazz that were “ripped” from 78s.They are all in one folder. I used mp3tag to select all the files in the folder, gave them all the same Album title and Album Artist (Various Artists worked for me) and used mp3tag’s auto-number function to give each track a distinct track number. Roon will mark the album as unidentified but I haven’t found that a problem. I assume the Artist field of each track has the name of the actual artist and Roon will show that with each track.

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Thanks. Yes, that’s something I could consider. I could change albumartist/album with Picard quite easily. How do you change the track numbers? Don’t think I have seen such feature in Picard, but MP3Tag allow you to renumber the tracks? I have 400 tracks in one of the folders, so wouldn’t be able to do so manually. They are labeled “001 - Track…”, so they show up in the folder in the wanted sequence.

I use the function e.g. with Foobar2000. There you can also use multi-tagging (e.g. for genre) or auto-tagging (e.g. for track number) and flexible tagging (no limitation to certain fields). I could also store the Tidal ID, the Spotify ID or a Qobuz ID or other fields that are publicly accessible.

Sounds good. Do you know whether Picard or MP3Tag have a similar feature?

The developer is still very active:

and well connected in the Linux world. Can be downloaded directly as software. So far I have understood it more as a product that takes an acoustic fingerprint is considered official MusicBrainz tagger.

Have you tried merging the tracks into one album? Roon may point out that you have duplicate track numbers but you can ask Roon to renumber them (Fix track grouping)

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Thanks for engaging in conversation with our community (thanks @BrianW, @Stan_Jones and @Uwe_Albrecht for your posts) while we got a chance to reply. We’re so sorry about the delay.

Since it’s been a while, I wanted to ask if there’s any update you can share? Anything in particular we can help with? :nerd_face:

I found a work-around based on what was suggested above. I have now retagged my playlist and included “Playlist” as albumartist and "Playlist name as album.

I still believe that the current way how Roon handles playlist / various artists is not ideal. If I have an album with “various artists”, it basically ends up in nirvana and I cannot access the album unless I use the search function.