Compilation Sorting Question


Is it possible to sort all albums tagged with “Various Artists” by album title instead of release date without changing the sort order of the entire library?

Thank you!

Settings > General and Name for compilation sorting; change to Use album title.

Thank you for your time, Martin.

Sadly, after I made the change you suggested, the Various Artists compilations become scattered throughout the library. I apologize for not clarifying that I would these albums to remain grouped by the Various Artists tag, but within this grouping, I would like to sort the albums by name. Did I overlook a setting?

Thank you again for your help.

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Okay, I understand. In that case I’d leave things as they were and use sort order and filter in the album view.

First sort by album title descending or ascending and then click on the filter and type ‘various artists’.

You can then bookmark this view for easy access.

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This is a great compromise, Martin. Thank you for taking the time to suggest it.

Regrettably, the sorting is still a bit off. For example, an album titled “¡Hello Friends!” appears at the beginning of the library instead of appearing with the albums the begin with “H.” Also, compilations that begin with the article “A” appear at the beginning of the list of the compilations alphabetized by “A” instead of being alphabetized by the word following the article, e.g., “A Winter’s Solstice” is being alphabetized by “A” instead of “Winter.” (Compilations that begin with the article “The” seem to be alphabetized correctly.)

All of these mis-sorted albums were tagged manually in iTunes/Apple Music with the articles moved to the end of the album title in the “album, sort as” field (or in the case of ¡Hello Friends!, with the inverted exclamation point omitted). Is it possible to force Roon to read the “album, sort as” tag data? I tried rescanning these albums, but nothing changed.

Thank you again for all of your help.

Roon can prefer your tags either globally or on an album-by-album basis.

I am sorry to say that do not see an "album, sort as” field in Roon’s metadata settings. Have I overlooked it?

I was referring to the album sort tag in the file. Not sure if Roon recognises this, but worth a try.

Thanks, Martin. I have data in the file’s "album [title], sort as” field, so I do not believe Roon recognizes the tag.

Thank you again for the tip about creating a bookmark for the compilations. That information was very helpful.

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