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I’m having issues with DJ compilations.

I have a number of “Anjunadeep” albums with different DJs, but I want all the Anjunadeep albums to be listed together under the Artist “Anjunadeep”. Room catagorises these albums under 5 different Artists and even continues to do this when I select “Prefer File” for the Artist. I change the Album Artists manually to “Anjunadeep”, but I then have multiple instances of “Anjunadeep”. I can than merge the Artists, but this whole process is somewhat time consuming. Is there a way of avoiding this?

Hi @Damien_Kearsley,

A better option might be to tag these albums as Anjunadeep. You can use this manually in Roon or by using ROONALBUMTAG. You can learn more about tags here:

Hi, Ok thanks, but why does Roon override my choice of Artist unless I change each one manually and not recognise multiples instances of the same artist?

For instance, Anjunadeep is owned by Above & Beyond and Roon picks up on this even though it is not in my tags and I’ve selected “Prefer File”.

In addition, which I use Focus, the album results are not listed in date order, but some other random order.

Hi @Damien_Kearsley,

Can you share some screenshots of how things look before editing the album, and then a screenshot of the edits you need to make for it to work properly?

I decided to use Above & Beyond as the Artist and have done a bot of manual editing. I now have the following:

Please note the list at the bottom “With Various Artists”. Well, they are all with various artists, so this subdivision is unhelpful. Roon has chosen a Primary Artist as “Various Artists” for these albums. You need an option to set Album Artist as Primary Artist since Primary Artist isn’t an available field in iTunes. Or have an option to list by Album Artist. Otherwise I have to manually change all the Primary Artists.

If I search for “Anjunadeep”, I get the following:

The albums aren’t listed in date order

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