Compilations not appearing under "compilations"

As the title suggests, I have compilations that are appearing under “albums” instead of “compilations”, despite the entry being tagged as a compilation:

But see:

Is this normal?

Yes when it’s not a VA (Various Artists) album.

So what’s the purpose of setting an album as a compilation in Roon?

To be clear, compilations are not anthologies (the latter being a collection of tracks, taken from different sources, by a single artist). Compilations are always by various artists:

A good question for asking TiVo / Rovi Corp - the main metadata source for Roon. Looking at metadata in Roon one can figure out quickly that they must have a much broader definition for the term “Compilation” - if they have one at all - than the one you proposed in your post above. Each and any “Best of …” album in my library is marked as compilation for example. Tribute albums (VA playing songs of …), usually credited to the featured artist, too. Maybe you have forgotten your old thread about this?

Were you able to find a metadata source that makes distinctions between the different types meanwhile? I personally use the “tag” method mike suggests to make a distinction that suits my needs.


Did you realize that the definition you linked says differently?

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