Compilations not appearing under "singles, EPs and compilations"

I like the way that Roon now with v1.1 identifies compilations. However, it seems to be putting them under the “main albums” section rather than the “singles, EPs and compilations” section. Is this a bug?

As an aside, I would have singles and EPs separate from compilations.

Any comment from the devs on this? Seems like odd behaviour.

+1. Compilations should be separately shown, and after all other album types.

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+1 for this. The only way to move it into the Compilations list is to deselect Main check box and select Other. If you keep the field to “blank” it does not move the album out of Main albums, but now I have “Other” labeled on most of my Artist comps, which isn’t correct and looks messy. Can you at least add “Compilations” as one of the drop down options?

That would be great. I would have 6 potential “groupings” on the artist page - albums, singles & EPs, live albums (i.e. official ones), compilations, bootlegs and live recordings (i.e. unofficial). These groupings would only appear on the artist page if there are items to populate them. The user could even have an option to combine some of them.

Compilations last please, I’ve no interest in wading through umpteen compilations before seeing bootlegs and live recordings (unofficial).

As ever - let the user decide the order (via an option).

Can anyone from the team comment on this, i.e. the “compilations” not appearing under Roon’s “singles EPs & compilations” section?