Complete confusion for a single release on import

Most of my albums seem to be importing just fine, but there are a few that I just can’t get to work, and given that there doesn’t seems to be any coherent pattern, I think the way to go is to just ask about them one a case-by-case basis.

The first one is AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds. Roon recognizes it as a different AC/DC album, that being “High Voltage”. Files are flac, with the tags defined per Discogs.

Any thoughts?

There are Australian, US and ‘International’ versions of early AC/DC albums with various tracks swapped around. I’d make sure all analysis is complete then attempt to identify your version manually.

Thanks for reaching out, @Neil_Hodge!

Can you share a couple screenshots for me? For a track on this album I need screenshots of:

  • View File Info
  • From view file info, select File Tags and take a screenshot of what you see here


Dylan: Took three screenshots to get it all . . . Attached, hopefully.