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I have FLAC files of the new Lennon box. 8 cds. The file names are complete in the file tags but once imported to Roon I just get the song name. With this box it’s imperative to have which mix/take/etc it is. I will attach screenshots and any help how to fix this w/out typing / editing every single track is appreciated.

If you choose a track, click the three dots / View file info / File Tags , you should see everything Roon imported. That’s a start, anyway.

Yeah file tag just gives the name of the song. But ''file info" or the path shows the full info. Wonder if importing each disc would make a difference?

Did you manage to view something like this?

I suspect Roon is displaying the contents of the Title tag. If so, you would need to copy the File Name to the Title tag to get the parenthetical information I think you want. That process is easy to do with a file tagger, but I’m guessing you are not familiar with that, no?

yes. that’s what I meant in my reply, in that tag I just see the song name w/out the stuff in parenthesis

Yes I am I use Kid 3 but when I put them in there it is correct. Just not in Roon.

You are right that’s what it is I guess. Gonna have to re-tag all the titles I suppose. Thanks so much

My tagger (Yate for Mac) can do that in one process; shouldn’t have to do any retyping. Good luck.

Really? I will check out Yate. I’ve heard of it but have always used Kid 3 which is fine for my needs. It may do it in one process but I’m not sure how to do it. Thanks

Don’t know kid3 atall, but just looked at their manual. Looks like this is the command you want:

Set tag from file name

setTagFromFileName( tagMask);

int32 tagMask;

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Wow. Ok thanks man! Awesome

Did you try and tell Roon to use the files track names instead of Roons?

Highlight album, click edit, Metadata tab, select Prefer File for Track Titles.