Complete Haydn String Quartets Metadata Matching

I am very frustrated with the metadata matching feature. I am trying to match my metadata with these quartets and I have to move these tracks one by one down a very long 25 disc long page. The fact that I cannot drag and drop these tracks is unacceptable for software of this price. It would save me a ton of time if I could just drag these down to page

Hi Todd,

I believe it’s already been acknowledged that workflow is too clunky. Hopefully version 3, which is focused on metadata correction and editing, will address this.

What I really would like to know is the logic that Roon uses to match up songs when a manual match is performed. It seems to me that Roon relies mainly on song duration and places very low importance on track # and song title. For example, I had to manually match up the Atlantic Rhythm and Blues 8 cd box set. For some reason, Roon mismatched certain songs because my song duration was not an exact match to what is in its database, even though the track # and song title was correct. Imagine trying tying move around songs in a listing of 202 songs! Yes, optimizing the workflow would help but I think the bigger issue is the logic that Roon is using the match up songs in the first place.

Is there a time frame for version 3? This year? Next year?

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