Complete overkill or just do it?

I have an opportunity to pair this:

with this:

with 32GB RAM on board at a great price.

It’d house my music library and run Roon.

Complete overkill I presume :joy:

Same setup as me :slight_smile: so not overkill at all!

Today Roon - tomorrow the Universe :grinning:

I’ve got a similar-ish dilemma buy a two seater sports car or get something more practical.
“Mid-life crisis” nope … but I’m in a position where I can … so why not? … YEY !!!

So I say … @evand go for it.

That’s not dissimilar to running RoonServer on a Mac Pro, which a few people do (and I’m considering).

I say go for it.

Do you sense a trend? :wink:

Quad core. You know you can do better.

Storage is the issue, 6x SATA ports isn’t a lot to work with to add storage for video etc. unless I use larger drives.

Use a NAS and iScsi luns for storage. If you use 10GB or link aggregated 1GB links the performance will be just fine.