Complete Works vs. Excerpts

Would it be possible to include a kind of flag to indicate whether a recording of a given work is “complete” as opposed to only contain excerpts? And being able to display those two kinds differently on the composition page?

I am finding it sometimes difficult to navigate through lists for operas or oratorios where I have multiple versions of complete recordings but also lots of single tracks from compilations.

This is a big problem, which has been discussed. One aspect that’s very difficult is that Roon has no way of telling how many tracks are meant to be in a work: works (especially operas) are often split in different ways.

Maybe it’s something that has to be crowd-sourced.

For me, it would be enough to filter by performance length. E.g., any Messiah performance < 1 hour and 30 minutes in length is unlikely to be a full performance.

The problem is, I bet there are lots of exceptions: in the case of two movement works, there could easily be a modern period instrument performance of both which is as fast as a Furtwängler performance of just the first movement. And repeats make it even more complicated.

This doesn’t help for compositions, but I tag/genre aria albums differently than whole albums (& album sets) that are complete operas.