Completely new to digital and lost [copying music to internal storage]

Computer illiterate.

Brand new nucleus+. Zero digital music. Starting from scratch.

Installed the “Remote Control” app on my iPad.

I updated the operating system, per instructions. I then installed a Samsung 860 Pro 2TB SSD and formatted it per instructions.

I bought and downloaded a FLAC file to my MacBook Pro from HDtracks.

How do I get these files onto my nucleus+?

Is there a way to purchase and install HD music directly on my nucleus?


Hi Robert,

I thought that Nucleus were sold with dealer support (via dealers) and they would assist you in getting going?

Hi Robert,

You may have already seen the Nucleus Manual on the Roon Knowledge Base. Including it here for completeness.

This KB page should help you get music onto the internal drive. The “Copying Music to the Drive” section contains the network address that will let you shift files from your MacBook to the internal storage of the Nucleus.

To connect from your MacBook Pro:
In the Finder, choose Go > Connect to Server.
Type the network address for the internal storage of the Nucleus in the Server Address field. That address is:


You should then see the internal storage of the Nucleus+ in the Shared section of the Finder sidebar and be able to copy and move files to it like a local drive.


Hey @Robert_Lund,

In addition to @andybob’s directions: you should be able to see your Nucleus as a server under ‘Shared’ in your Finder window and browse to the InternalStorage folder like this (yours is probably named NucleusPlus instead of Rock):

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Much appreciated all! With your help (and much poking around and fiddling) I managed to get the files transferred.

Is there no easier/better way to purchase and install music? Can it be purchased and loaded directly into the SSD?

Based on the marketing I really thought this would be a more intuitive “iPad like” affair.


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There are various ways you can add storage to Roon (internal or external to your Core system, networked (NAS), etc.). It is up to the users to copy the files to the music folder that is defined in Roon settings – it is usually accessible as network share (like, in your case, the Internal Storage of your Nucleus Plus).

You will want to maintain a logical structure to your music files (Like Artist > Album > Tracks). Different providers of digital music have different delivery systems, but they usually end up in a single folder (like Artist_Albumname or something like that). In most cases, you will most likely want to rename this to Albumname and place it inside a corresponding Artist folder yourself.

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