Components for the NUC7i7DNH

Hi. For the previous generation NUC, Roon recommends the NUC7i7BNH with 8GB RAM and 64GB M.2 SSD for large libraries or heavy DSP use.

At that page, Roon also mentions an upgrade to 128GB M.2 SSD.

Those components are quite cheap on Amazon.

But, with the current generation NUC (the NUC7i7DNH), Amazon offers RAM and SSD drives that seem considerably more expensive than the RAM and SSD to which Roon links through Amazon.

With the NUC7i7DNH, could one still use the 8-GB RAM + 64-GB M.2 SSD to which Roon links for the NUC7i7BNH?

Or would the current versions of RAM and SSDs perform materially better?

Finally, is there any advantage to going with 16 GB of RAM or a 128-GB SSD? I would like to future-proof any purchase for at least a few years.


64 gig M2 SSD’s are not universally available so the 128 is a suitable replacement. 8 gig is enough. You’ll never get close to using it all. More is overkill.

Thank you. Looks like the 128-GB model isn’t available through Prime but that the 240-GB model is. It’s a TCSunBow SSD 240GB M.2 NGFF 2242 TLC NAND Internal Solid State Drive(N4 240GB).

The 8-GB RAM module is, however, available with Prime. It’s a Crucial 8GB Single DDR4 2400 MT/s (PC4-19200) DR x8 Unbuffered SODIMM 260-Pin Memory - CT8G4SFD824A.

Are both the 240-GB drive and the 8-GB RAM module compatible with the current-generation NUC (the NUC7i7DNH)?


I recently built a NUC7i5BNH and used:

No issues whatsoever.

That DDR4-2400 RAM worked with the NUC7i7BN ? I thought they required 2133.

If you plan to run ROCK, you will never ever come close to using more than 25% of that SSD… nor will you have the option to use it for anything else.

I see many 64GB M.2 SSDs available (on prime), including the original one we recommended – however, the DN model of the NUC doesn’t support 42mm m.2 SSDs. You have to get an 80mm:

Thank you. What kind of RAM would work best?

The right RAM from a reputable manufacturer bought from a reputable retailer. You can’t really mess up RAM in our experience.

Another source of RAM is Crucial. You can input your model and they will suggest options that come with guarantees they will work. I you are not overclocking, (and you cannot overclock a NUC) then pretty much the cheapest option should be OK.

DDR4 2400 doesn’t run at 2400mHz speeds when it is installed, but only at the standard DDR4 speed of 2133mHz (thats is for all DDR4 speeds you might buy). You would need to be able to set “XMP” in the BIOS for the memory to run at 2400mHz. I’m not sure if you have that option in a “normal” NUC. The Skull Canyon ones do but they aren’t supported for ROCK (and frankly it would be unwise to choose one of these).

Also, modern NUC’s support NVMe and SATA III interfaces for their M.2 SSD’s. They look the same, but NVMe is considerably faster. That is -for as far as I can read- the only thing you you need to care about when selecting an OS M.2drive for your new Roon Core NUC. 64GB NVMe (also called PCI-Express disks) exist, but there are more options in larger capacities.

I’m quoting an old post here but… the one click ‘add to cart’ link on the Roon ROCK page links to DDR4-2400 RAM…

"You can add the base NUC7i7BNH + 8GB RAM + 64GB M.2 SSD to your Amazon cart with one click at these links:

Add to cart Amazon US"

If NUC7i7BN requires 2133 you should probably ammend that link…

Intel tested hardware for NUC7i7DNH: Intel

Thanks. I just found the same in the notes (to double check for myself):