“Composed by” is not working properly in Track View

When I bring up a track listing, normally it shows “Composed by [Composer]. Usually the problem is to get rid of the composer as “Performed by” (e.g. J.S. Bach can’t be a performer). This I can do by removing the “offending” composer from the selected tracks.
However, as of at least yesterday, September 27, 2018, I am having the opposite problem. I can assign the conductor and orchestra/ensemble by adding the appropriate credits but I can’t assign the composer by using the same method. Indeed, the composer usually appears as a credit but the composer does not display as “composed by” for the appropriate tracks. Interestingly, in a random sample, the compositions do appear to be displaying properly under the list of compositions for that composer.

Perhaps I am missing something here but there should be a way to fix this. I only began to notice this last night which was the first night after the most recent update. Is that a coincidence or did something strange happen as a result of the update? Is there some kind of setting I need to change? So far, I have tried all kinds of things without success and the underlying file data does seem to be just fine.

In practical terms this is probably just a minor annoyance. But it is a loose end and I don’t like loose ends.