Composer Album List

Am i missing something? I just want to see all albums with Beethoven in them. Either albums wholly containing Beethoven or where Beethoven has one or a few tracks.

Really just exactly as any artist is displayed (main albums then featured in).

Currently the only way i’ve been able to do this is to manually add composers as primary artists. I’ve given up though.

Can I request that this view be added as an option next to the current composer view?


Does Focus > Composers > Beethoven work for you?

You can bookmark the result to make it easy to re-do the focus in future.

It’s been requested multiple times to no avail

The Focus > Bookmark option works but if you did every composer that too would become unmanageable

Even your Top 20 is a pain

It really needs A Composer Album view with Genre filtration , current behavior is to filter by Genre BUT back to the whole library

It’s a mess of note, it’s why I keep JRIVER current :shushing_face:

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I just tried it. It gets someway but tbh adding the composer as a primary artist to all the albums achieves a better result (essentially akin to a normal artist).

Also with the focus technique i’d then be more strongly requesting the bookmark reordering bug on iOS be fixed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, fair enough. But I’m interested in where it fails for you.
Is it where albums have beethoven but not as a composer? And is that a fault of the metadata?

Hey @BrianW sorry for the delay. I work out of town mon-fri. So the Focus > Composer hack fails for me on two levels.


  • I already have 20+ boopkmarks so adding 30 more just for classical is a no go (especially as on iOS the bookmark order gets messed up).
  • It’s too many clicks to engage, especially if i’m say looking at Beethoven’s similar artists. I see Wagner referenced and if i haven’t already created a bookmark for him i now have to load all albums, go focus, composers, and type the name (Wagner is easy but what about Brahms and i forget the spelling?).


  • I’m only a classical novice and just getting a handle on the sub-genres. Via the focus method i lose all the bio, genres, dob, my top picks and at the bottom the related artists - essentially everything that makes Roon so good. Yes you get this by looking at the composer view but i’m an album guy.

As a side note, i’d love a way to ‘pick’ which performance Roon uses as the headline one in the Composer view. With so many performances out there the ‘lesser’ ones all cloud the composition listing in Composer view. I love this chronological view but rarely use it as the headline performance is rarely my favourite.

Thanks for humouring me.


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And thank you for the detailed reply. Very interesting.

(As this is in the Feature Requests category, Roon will have read this and will add your thoughts to their consideration of enhancements.)