Composer and Performer

I go to Artist, filter horo get Vladimir Horowitz

I see 5 albums that he COMPOSED , arranged stuff for

I have 26 , last count where he is the performer. There is no Composer/ Performer toggle as per 1.7 that I can find

I see the Discography , but all Tidal, clicking the Library Book icon I see the same 5, 21 missing …

Big oops ?

When I search for Vladimir Horowitz and select it I get a page with him as artist and composer and when I click on Discographie I get 179 hits for main albums (with Tidal) and when I click on compositions I get 10 pieces not albums.


I’m seeing the same. Looks like a bug to me… @support - care to take a look?

Searching for “Dinu Lipatti” shows a Composer with that Name but no Artist with that name. When going to the Composer “Dinu Lipatti” Roon does not show me the albums I have locally in my library.

So I can display this album “Klavier Kaiser: 11” and when I click on “Dinu Lipatti” right below the Album name, there is no album from my library shown.

Maybe my workaround is good for you:

Still this should be fixed on Roon’s side on the long term.

Never even knew that was there , maybe it’s new

Works for Wilhelm Kempff, maybe an issue with Actual Composer/performers like Bernstein You will lose one or the other, in the Kempff example he transcribed a few bits of Bach , not too worrying