Composer as Additional Credit not Recognised

My understanding is that album track details are meant show the number of performances for the same track title/composer. However:-
When the composer is in the Roon database or file tags, the performances are shown. If however the composer is not in the Roon database or file tags, and I add the composer is an additional credit, the link is not made and that performance is not seen. Other performances are not seen on the track where I added the composer credit, nor is this track seen on performances for the same title/composer where the composer is in the Roon database or file tags.
The documentation I can find on composers implies this is all that is needed to make the links, but apparently not. Could you advise if there is anything else I should be doing or is Roon ignoring the edit data layer when matching title/composer?


Mac Retina 5K 27", macOS 10.13.6
Roon database and Music files all on Mac hard drive.
July 24, 2018 (Europe: Paris), July 23, 2018 (America: Los Angeles)

… I am having the same problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Is this perhaps the same bug as described in the following thread (and elsewhere)?

If so, then Roon is aware

If the album is your own rip, then a possible work around can be found here


Thanks, Brian, for the help and sorry for the late reaction. I think the second option works bestfor me, although tonight I added a composer through ‘credit’ and it made the recording (Don Juan by Richard Strauss) automatically appear in the list of other performances I own. Hm…