Composer doesn't display for Track

On my Android phone and Android tablet (base is Windows 10), within each track the artists display, but not the composer. Since most of my albums were tagged before I got Roon, Composer tag is separate from Album tag, Artist tag, and (track) Title tag, so I do not include composer name in Track Title. Especially a problem when there are multiple composers in an album. Am I not setting something right? I cannot find a solution.

What screen are you talking about? As a picture may tell more than a thousand words, please consider showing us a screenshot.

By default, roon will only display composers for tracks with either a “Classical” or a “Jazz” genre tag. If you are talking about a Classical library you will need to explicitly add this genre tag which you may not have done.

If you are talking about a library other than Classical or Jazz then you can go to settings where you can control how composers are displayed for any genre. I have it set to “always”.

Roon will still not necessarily display a composer if either you have no composer tag set in your local library, or the tracks’ composition has not been identified. The composer and composition data from roon’s metadata suppliers for genres other than Classical or Jazz is a bit hit and miss. Roon does have editing screens where you can correct or complete this data but its better to edit your local files directly. With streamed sources though you have no choice and must use roon’s editing features.

Thanks for the advice. I have set General - Show Composer Credits - Always. All my Classical recordings (about 300,000 tracks) have the Genre tag set to Classical (everything else is Genre tagged Popular (no sometimes arbitrary decisions need to made there), Spoken Word, or Christmas). Some of my [+Classical] albums now show the composer for all the track, some don’t show it for any. A good starting place for further research, could be my fault.