Composer error in "Le Maître de Musique"

The tenth title of the album “Le Maître de Musique” (soundtrack of the film of the same name, with José Van Dam and Ronald Zollman as album artists) is falsely attributed to David Miller (as composer), while it is composed by Vincenzo Bellini (opera "Bianca e Fernando). The track title is “Sorgio, o padre”.

Note that Vincenzo Bellini is well encoded as composer in the file tag… (I would like a “prefer file tag” option…)
Thank you for correcting this.

Hi @Thierry_M. David Miller is there as a composer, because he has an Arranger credit. This Roon behaviour is correct. I’m not sure why Bellini isn’t also showing up as a composer, because he is both in our metadata, as the composer of the composition, and in your file tags. It would be useful to see your metadata preferences and composer display preferences here.

Hi @joel, thank you, but I don’t see which option I have to change.
I’ve tried the different options of “Show composer credits” (“Less”, “Default”, “More”, “Always”) in the general settings, but Bellini still doesn’t appear as the composer for this title. I’ve also checked if there was something I could change in the Album Editor or Track Editor (Metadata Preference) settings.
Is there something I’m missing?